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Grow in your faith and always remember the goodness of the Lord. Use the following pages to join our prayer novenas or submit your requests. Together, we ask the Virgin Mary to pray for our needs.

Novenas Prayer Requests Candle Requests

Pray With Us

Recalling the nine days that the Apostles and the Virgin Mary spent in prayer between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday, novenas consist of a series of prayers recited over nine days.

Choose the novenas you want to join (see the list below), and we will send you email reminders during the specified dates with each day’s prayer.

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Prayer Requests

We offer everyone the opportunity to leave prayer requests. Please send us your request below.

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Candle Requests

Lambert Brise started lighting votive candles at the Shrine after building the first wooden chapel near the spot of Adele’s visions. This practice continues today for all who seek the intercession of the Virgin Mary. Complete the Light-A-Candle form below to send us your request.

  • Candles at the Shrine may be requested for any of the following time frames and will be placed near the confirmed site of the blessed Mother's apparition. Select the Light-A-Candle option that fits your needs.

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Prayer Cards

Please feel free to download the Our Lady of Good Help Prayer Card composed by Bishop David L. Ricken.

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